We Are Open During Granada Center Construction

Granada Center Construction Notice

Hey Third Coast Family!

I'm writing to let you guys know that there is going to be some construction going on around the building for the next few months
Stage One was easy in that the awning was removed last week.
Stage Two is our windows and outer door are being replaced.

We'll still be open for business so come on by and pick up any comics you were looking to get or any preorders or subscription items to have waiting for you.

Now they aren't just replacing OUR windows. They are pretty much doing the entire Granada Center so in the Fall, there will be scaffolding for a time.

During this period, it would really help us out if you guys could pick up or make purchases with regularity.

Scaffolding and construction have never been a great help to foot traffic or visibility of any business, comic shops that rely on visuals especially.

That's basically it. We're getting a newer sleeker face lift but then we're gonna look like an erector set for a while and the only cure for the Construction Season Blues is to buy more comics.

Thanks and we'll see you soon.